Tucson Skin Spa, Lashes & Tanning near the UofA

Step into the world of endless sun-kissed beauty at Endless Summer. Our premier tanning salon, conveniently located next to the UofA in Tucson, offers unlimited membership options for both UV and sunless tanning. With a range of high-intensity beds and state-of-the-art spray booths, you can achieve your desired golden glow effortlessly. Looking for a customized tan? Our talented team of airbrush experts will ensure a flawless, natural-looking tan that suits your unique skin tone. Experience Endless Summer and embrace your radiant beauty.

Kiss Me Sun ♥


UV & Sunless
  • 1 High Pressure UV Tan & 1 Custom Airbrush
  • 1 High Pressure UV Tan & 1 Versa Spa Spray

UV Tanning

Get your skin glowing with a beautiful, sun-kissed tan at Endless Summer. Our UV tanning options help you achieve that golden complexion you desire. With our expert tips and information, you can confidently enjoy the benefits of UV tanning. Embrace the endless warmth of the sun and let us help you get the perfect tan. Welcome to the world of radiant skin!

Sunless Tanning

Step into the world of sunless tanning at Endless Summer. Discover a radiant and natural-looking tan that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. We have state-of-the-art spray booths and a talented team of airbrush experts. We can customize your tan to suit your unique skin tone, ensuring a flawless and effortless glow.


Our talented and highly skilled waxing estheticians will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft, and hair-free. Whether you’re looking to shape your brows, remove unwanted facial hair, or achieve a flawless bikini line, our estheticians will provide professional and meticulous service. With our commitment to using high-quality products and maintaining strict hygiene standards, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results every time. Book your appointment today and get ready to embrace your beautifully waxed skin.

Available by Appointment Only: Eye Brows, Chin, Lips, Face, Bikini, G-String Bikini, Brazilian, Half Leg, Full Leg, Under Arm, and Full Back.

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening

Get ready to dazzle with a brilliant smile. At Endless Summer, we offer professional teeth whitening services to enhance your pearly whites. Our treatments will leave you with a radiant and confident smile that matches your sun-kissed glow. Transform your smile and make it shine as bright as the summer sun.